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Introducing FM Founders


It’s easy to forget that there’s a whole new realm of possibility beyond our own comfortable bubbles. Even when it comes to those who constantly push themselves and their boundaries, dabbling in this and that, there are some things that lay outside their reach, experiences they yet to dive into. This Founders is a group of those such individuals.


Created by David Bremang of FoundMissing and Meghan Yuri Young, the Founders kicked off last week with the help of Nike Canada. A select crew of Canadian artists were brought together at the Nike Tech Studio pop-up to be introduced to the 9 month-long project as well as each other. Coming from diverse creative industries including photography, music, art and fashion, they will not only inspire each other, but the experiences themselves.

Every month will feature two to three experiences related to these different disciplines to help create a new tonality within the artist’s’ respective voices. The experiences will culminate in monthly panelled events opened to the public so that the Founders can share whatever insights they are exposed to and more with their community.

Stay tuned for how you can get involved in these open events as well as who the Founders are and what they’re wearing.


by Meghan Yuri Young

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