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The Artist, Jimmy Chiale | Profile


There’s a nonchalant energy emanating from Jimmy Chiale that at once puts you at ease and at the edge of your seat. It’s not until he says something in his Parisian accent that you know where you stand. Incredibly inquisitive and forever philosophical, his personality is, naturally, what fuels his artistic persona. And don’t get it twisted, he’s not a graffiti artist as so many would like to pigeon hole him as. He’s a painter.

Captured by @Smvrk


Yet with his preferred canvas being the streets of Toronto, it’s easy to misrepresent him. Chiale shrugs it off and casually corrects, knowing exactly who he is and what he does. Driven by emotion and, simply, life, he creates aggressively vibrant works that are reflections of his experiences. He once told Hermann & Audrey, “My art is personal. It’s a print of my creative brain cells. I just want to paint, I want people to see beauty through it and juice up the imagination through their visual abilities. I’m not trying to put a message out there. I’m not trying to start a revolution, it’s about beauty and imagination and discovering my skill as an abstract artist.”


by Meghan Yuri Young

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