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The FMFounders Visit Post Office Sound

The Panelist are wearing some of the latest pieces from the Nike Sportswear 2016 Fall Collection.
The Panelist are wearing some of the latest pieces from the Nike Sportswear 2016 Fall Collection.

Last week, Founders hosted a panel discussion at Post Office Sound, a Toronto recording studio, post production and sound design boutique in the heart of Liberty Village. With our Nordstrom experience still fresh in our minds, especially our dinner with Natalie Achonwa, we decided to shift the #FindYourStyle theme to the music industry. With Post Office Sound founder, Chris Martin, leading the panel, which was made up of Gavin Sheppard, Addy Papa, Julian Nieva and Evan Miles, you know it was a compelling conversation. They touched on everything from societal conformities to mental health and, of course, the business of music, all the while tying it back to the idea of finding the sport in art.


Stay tuned for a video recapping the panel discussion.

Although that was enough in and of itself, two of our very own Founders, Tea Kittagucci and Teddy Fantum, collaborated just days before to create an original song neither of them could have imagined creating before this. After the Chris and the rest of the panel wrapped up, we heading into the actual studio space to hear about the process behind their collaboration. We’ll be sharing more of that later as well.

It’s incredible to see teamwork at play — both throughout the panel discussion and the studio session.

by Meghan Yuri Young

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