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“A casual, yet intelligently sophisticated menswear brand, and home of the original Jogger Pants”
Publish Brand, considered “A casual, yet intelligently sophisticated menswear brand, and home of the original Jogger Pants,” has recently welcomed the Women’s Joggers series in two models: the “Hanna” and the “Lexie”. Incorporating menswear with womenswear has never been so easy and seamless. When pairing basics with basics, it’s almost impossible to go wrong. Seeing that Publish Brand’s slogan is “Today for Tomorrow” – it’s a given that you’re guaranteed comfort and quality on a daily basis.


Photos courtesy of Nathalia Allen
As a 5’2″ petite young woman, obsessed with men’s fashion, the good fellas over at Publish Brand sent me a generous package with a mixture of Women’s Joggers and their latest men’s t-shirt collections in various models and sizes. I was told the majority of the shirts would be oversized before receiving the package but they trusted that I’d rock it nonetheless. Having known Publish Brand for two years now, they were certainly correct. Sending me one size up was definitely my style.


Rocking an oversized men’s tee can be pulled off effortlessly as a female if paired with the right items. In this case, I paired the men’s “Seth” pocket shirt in white with the new “Hanna” Women’s Joggers in olive. This combo. is the epitome of “very cozy” as the “Seth” shirt looks, feels and screams comfort at its very best with its gauge knit cotton finish. The Women’s Joggers fits to perfection as it tapers down the leg, and the earth tone olive color couldn’t be more perfect and suitable as fall inches closer. As an added umph to the cross between a womenswear and menswear, I added class 574 Nike New Balance kicks in black. Unisex yet simplistic and safe.



What happens if a men’s shirt fits you more like a dress? Heck, rock it as a dress and own it! Just remember to wear short shorts underneath just incase. The simplistic details on Publish Brand’s men’s “Elden” striped tee in navy is superb! Made with a light weight cotton, French terry crew neck cut, side split hem, paneled sleeves and tonal quill embroidery; this shirt is comfortable beyond words and description! Paired with a classic yellow raincoat and galoshes, you’re set for a humid rainy end of summer day. This look also plays as a nautical theme. Timeless to say the least.

Photos courtesy of Nathalia Allen



Publish Brand’s “Eben” bucket hat in black, with its tonal 3m gradient square printed pattern couldn’t be paired more perfectly with Thom Browne’s latest SS14 glass mirrored frames in gold. Playing more of a safe yet risqué look, I wore the “Hanna” Women’s Joggers in navy with a black mesh shirt and Nike classic pro sports bar. If this doesn’t scream tomboy street chic, I don’t know what does. This is a perfect mesh (pun intended) of menswear with women’s wear.



Incorporating everyday brands that speak to you is key to feeling confident on a daily basis. In this case, this look is basically me in a nutshell. Here goes the rundown… Frames: Thom Browne, shirt: “Seth” by Publish Brand, pants: Women’s Joggers in olive by Publish Brand a rucksack leather backpack by Mifland.

Balance is key to life and as a female infatuated with men’s fashion, I’ve found my niche. Let’s just say many guys would be jealous of my closet. Sorry dudes!


by David Bremang


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