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Tea Kittagucci, Songstress

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The pursuit of iconicism is not for everyone. A status reserved for the likes of Madonna, Beyonce and Elvis — a selection of the musically-inclined for a reason — it’s not one that’s easily attained. In fact, it could be argued that iconicism cannot be pursued; that it’s a quality already imbued in an individual and only amplified by certain levels of success.

By that argument, Tea Kittagucci is an icon. This Canadian-born artist began her career in dance and performance art. She later segued into singing and song-writing. It’s been a smooth transition, at least from an outsider’s perspective — as smooth as her electro-pop music. With a hint of laid-back hip hop vibes, her sound is uniquely her own and one that matches her eclectic persona.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 2.53.08 PMPhoto Credit @Itssetti 

As found on her site, Tea is “adorned in eccentric clothes and personality, and an opulent view of the world.” She brings this and more to the Founders. It is through her rose-colored glasses and whimsical allure that an unconventional flavor is brought to this group, elevating it to a level worthy of her iconic state of being.

Connect with her here:

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by Meghan Yuri Young

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