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Teddy Fantum | Rapper

If there’s strength in vulnerability, Teddy Fantum may be one of the strongest people you’ll ever come across. The Toronto rapper, who was born to two Ethiopian parents in Medicine Hat, Alberta, just released his debut album powerfully titled, HELP ME. He tells Noisey in a recent interview, “When I started writing this all from scratch, I had nothing else to say but those two words. I wanted to just, y’know, yell it from the fucking roof.”



Yet sometimes it’s hard to imagine him helpless, at the mercy of his emotions. In person, he brings a positive energy to everything he does — including the Founders. Hilarious, inquisitive and full of creative insight, he’s a walking oxymoron that fuels more than his work. By breaking boundaries and expressing his darkest feelings, Teddy has achieved a depth in his most recent work that few artists set out for.



He tells The Fader, “Our world is fake. Fake gratification, self-perception, relationships, love. I’m older now and age low-key blesses you with super powers like apathy and the ability to see through people.” It’s these open eyes and pure intentions that heightens his voice. Whether or not people get his message is up to them.

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Photos by Anil Hanasoge

by Meghan Yuri Young

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