Anil Hanasoge | Photographer


Anil Hanasoge | Photographer
FM Founder

Raw, retro, urban, grunge — these are just a few words that describe the work of Anil Hanasoge. If you knew him only by his Instagram alias, Nilly, you might think he was at least twice his age, if not more. The images he captures are reminiscent of another era. Of course, nostalgia is a currency used arguably more often by 20-somethings than those who lived during that time — you know, THAT time. And in the case of Nilly, he’s rich with nostalgia.

Photo by Sean Lawrence 

Photo by Sean Lawrence 


Yet if you asked Nilly what his style is, he’d say “Experimental Film.” He elaborates, “My style moulded when I decided I wanted to not just edit a picture, but to make a piece of art out of it. I take an approach of creating art from being like a kid again. Just experimenting with colours, shapes, designs….All of it stems from that.”



Having experimented with photography since high school, his skill and talent are undeniable. Inspired by the world around him, his style will only continue to evolve. We can’t wait to see where it goes.