Dahae Song | Visual and Digital Artist


Dahae Song| Visual and Digital Artist
FM Founder

There's a duality to life that is captured in and by Dahae Song. "A walking paradox," as she self-proclaims, her view of the world stretches far beyond the black and white of her preferred palette. The interdisciplinary artist explores the space between the physical and digital, the traditional and the modern. She observes how "human existence and experience is pervasively embedded with and mediated by technology."

Photo by Sean Lawrence 

Photo by Sean Lawrence 


An extension of her soul, mind and emotions, Song's art is as deeply reflective and personal as they are abstract and symbolic. This is not to negate her interpretation of the growing digitization of human identity nor her use of the digital space to understand it. Yet underlying everything is emotional processing.






Earlier this year, she told The Fader when asked about healing through painting, "It’s a control thing. You can’t control anything in life. You have to be such a strong person to even control your own thoughts. You don’t want to control feelings because feelings aren’t something you dictate. You can’t keep people, or shape things to be how you want. But with paint you can. It’s so immediate. Oh my god, the feeling I get when I’m painting is so intense; it ranges from pure bliss to anxiety-filled panic attacks."