FM Founders Presents A Visual Experience


As we gear up for our third short documentary, Visuals, we held our latest experience at Astrolab Studios. A film studio found on the east end of the city, it was the perfect backdrop for Founders Anil and Mirian to bring their vision for Visuals to life: a photo shoot capturing the rest of the group.

Photo by Sean Lawrence 

Photo by Sean Lawrence 


With white walls serving as a blank canvas backdrop, couches an appropriate shade of orange and three director chairs for our speakers to sit on, the Founders were taken through the experiences of Astrolab co-founders Weitner and Jeff Hanley as well as young director Raha “Euphoria” Moshfeghian. It was interesting to get both the creative and business sides of the film industry.

From there, we launched immediately into our photo shoot where Anil and Mirian took the reigns. The Founders were asked to bring their own favorite fashion pieces that Mirian helped style into an outfit complete with a pair of Cortez and some other key Nike designs. We can’t wait to reveal the final images from that night. Until then, enjoy these behind-the-scene shots captured by Sean Lawrence.