FM Founders Presents Sound Documentary & Nike Design Discussion


We ended last year with a feast, so it’s only appropriate we started the new year with a feast. The Hazelton Hotel welcomed the Founders with open arms and plenty of food as we prepared to screen our second short doc. Nike Toronto didn’t hold back either, surprising us with special FMFounders-branded dishes for the reunion.

Of course, as soon as we piled the Founders and their dates into the plush screening room with its leather armchairs and popcorn corner, it was clear the excitement was just beginning. After screening the first of four documentaries in early December entitled Colour, it was becoming clearer to the group what we could learn from each other and how we can grow together.

Nitasha Goel & Teddy Fantum 

Nitasha Goel & Teddy Fantum 

Now it was time for Sound.

Once again directed by David Condotta, it starred Teddy Fantum and Tea Kittagucci, both of whom are releasing new music this year. Just like Colour, this film explores the idea and sense of sound as well as how these two Founders embraces and interact with it.

After a short Q&A with Teddy and Tea, Nike Toronto’s Daniel Switzer took the stage to introduce the Nike PLM for AF1, Nico Fearn, straight from Portland headquarters. An impressive guest speaker to have on any given day, it was an inspiring business-savvy conversation that ensued — perfect for kicking off the new year with.