The FM Founders Dine with Natalie Achonwa


One major takeaway about the Founders is that art can be found in sport as much as sport can be found in art. A celebration of culture and (healthy) competition, this Nike-fuelled project is meant to shed light on this correlated duality in addition to inspiring each Founder to explore their style. So we were honoured when Natalie Achonwa, a Canadian professional basketball player for the Indiana Fever, joined us for an intimate dinner at The Chase after our Nordstrom experience.

What followed was an illuminating conversation centred around her own impressive career, how she found her style and what makes her the best athlete she can be. About her drive to push herself and her team to next level, she says, “I go to practice to make her [Erlang Larkins] better, because I wanna win. I go to practice to challenge her and make her better, not take her spot.” Of course, she recognizes that she’s on the team to do more than to elevate others, “I’m on the team because I’m unique, I’m on the team because I bring something different. We’re all working towards the same goal.”

That last statement rings especially true for our group of Founders. It didn’t take long for everyone to share their own passion and before we knew it, we were all engaging in lively discussions about art, sport, politics, the environment and so much more. It’s these types of conversations that we hope to share with the community, among more tangible takeaways that involve the art and creativity of our Founders. So stay tuned for how you can get involved!

Until then, we’ll leave you with one last thought from Achonwa, this time touching on fashion, “If I like how it looks and how it feels then I’m definitely going to rock it, on and off the court. My motto is: Look good, feel good, play good.”