The FM Founders Science of Sound Experience

Photo by Sean Lawrence 

Photo by Sean Lawrence 

Have you ever sat down and thought about the idea of colour: What it is, what it means, how we use it? We opened up our last Founders experience with a simple question, What does colour mean to you?, and answered it in the form of a short documentary directed by David Condotta and starring our very own Dahae SongJimmy Chiale and Nicole Charles


The reception was resounding. But we can’t spoil it just yet.

Right after it was screened in an intimate theatre, we moved our Founders and their guests to an adjoining gallery where they met Gary Diggins, a practitioner of sound therapy and soundwork, and David Ballantine, a Toronto-based artist whose last exhibit focused on expressing breath and air through sculptures creating sound.


From their relationship to sound to music as medicine and the importance of language, the conversation touched on many philosophical notes. It left everyone thinking more about the power of sound (and even silence) and how to incorporate this newfound awareness into their lives and art.