Mary Young | Fashion Designer


Mary Young |Fashion Designer
FM Founder

They say big things come in small packages and there's no better example than Mary Young. This pint-sized fashion designer has created a lingerie and loungewear empire in a couple short years straight out of graduating from post-secondary. That in itself would be an incredible feat. Yet this young creative has added so much more to her CEO status including speaker and motivator, not to mention all the titles necessary in a successful one-woman business.

Photo by Sean Lawrence 

Photo by Sean Lawrence 

Armed with an entrepreneur spirit and an artistic soul, Mary imbues her brand with a worthy message of self-love that helps "empower females to embrace their individuality and to refuse contortion into industry definitions of sexy." Considering how prevalent those industry standards are in spite of growing awareness worldwide, her efforts to embrace and portray healthier views of self and body are admirable.



As for her advice to fellow creatives, she once told Notable, "I was given a great piece of advice early on that really encourages me to keep going: 'If it was easy, then everyone would be doing it.' That advice is so true! It’s not easy but the challenge is what makes this journey so exhilarating. Another thing to remember is there never will be a perfect time to take a chance and go out on your own; it’s about taking calculated risks, closing your eyes and just going for it. Once you take that leap you won’t regret it."