Mirian Njoh | Storyteller


Mirian Njoh | Storyteller
FM Founder

It's hard to distill what Mirian Njoh does in one word. While all our Founders are multi-hyphenates in the truest sense of this millennial term, it rings particularly loud for this maven. Writer, stylist, photographer, model, creative director and so much more, this woman is a fashion force to be reckoned with. Considering her incredible backstory, it's only natural she would be.

Photo by Sean Lawrence 

Photo by Sean Lawrence 


Born in Monrovia, Liberia, this half-Liberian, half-Nigerian was raised in Detroit, Michigan. It was there that she learned how different she was. Known for her albinism, she spent her childhood hiding from the sun, unable to play like other children. Visually impaired, a common condition accompanying the congenital disorder, she had to learn audibly -- an impressive feat of mesmerization. Not to mention the effect her looks had on others. She shares on Ugly Duckling Diaries, "To be a normal kid, I had to learn my limitations. And that’s how I began to understand albinism, in a negative way — what I couldn’t do, what I couldn’t see — in comparison to my peers."


It wasn't until she moved to Toronto that she learned how special her uniqueness could be. One day she was approached about modelling and "it began to happen more frequently, people seemingly intrigued by my look — but in a good way — wanting to work with me specifically because of it. My differences in Detroit became my glories in Toronto!" Now working both behind and in front of the camera, Mirian is an inspiration to creatives across the city and beyond. She uses her platform to not only celebrate fashion and visuals, but also differences and the importance of self-love.