Nitasha Goel | Entrepreneur


Nitasha Goel| Entrepreneur
FM Founder

Photo by Sean Lawrence 

Photo by Sean Lawrence 

Creativity and art live in all shapes and sizes, yet one commonality between them all is often an unexpected one: entrepreneurship. As soon as art transcends from interest to livelihood, there are so many other facets to consider that help define success. Nitasha Goel decided to leave her fashion focus behind when she opened The Cure Apothecary three years ago. Now a Queen West staple, this gender-neutral skin-care boutique brings "newness" to the Toronto landscape by introducing ethical, natural brands from Canada, New Zealand and the United States that weren’t yet available until she started sourcing them.


Nitasha might stand out from the rest of the Founders in trade, yet its clear that everything she has built complements the art world in more ways than one. From the creation of the products (she also sells her own line, Dahlia and Sons) to branding and marketing the store, it's hard not to see all the parallels. As full of life and hospitality as the owner herself, The Cure Apothecary is a reflection of her soul just as any piece of art is to their creator. When it comes to fostering other entrepreneurial goals, she tells Elevate Magazine, “Have good support. I think I had a list of 20 people to ask for advice. You ask their opinions, and hope they’re telling you the truth!”