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FoundMissing is a multi-platform service that allows for brand experiences to live online and offline. We are a group of producers that bestow strengths within all disciplines of the arts. Together we strive to create experiences that are more intimate between Brand X and it's loyal customer.

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FoundMissing and Nike created "The Founders" which is a select crew of Canadian artists brought together for a 12 month-long and on going project that was used to enhance their craft. Coming from diverse creative industries including; photography, music, art and fashion, they were not able to only inspire each other, but learn from collaborations and workshop experiences.

Every two months consisted of an experience related to these different disciplines to help create a new tonality within the artist’s respective voices. The experiences covered the following;

Find Your Style with Nordstrom Mavens
Dinner with Pro Basketball Player - Natalie Achonwa
Find Your Style Panel Discussion
The Science of Sound
The Design Process of Nike
The True Meaning of Visuals
The Topic of Balance at Pursuit OCR
Site 97 Air Max Activation

After wrapping up the year with a short documentary on The Founders, the social outreach allowed for a great amount of respect for these artist / creative entrepreneurs and support from Nike Canada. This is based off of our primary outlet - Instagram with no ads used.

Total Founders Outreach = 81,000
Average Instagram Story View = 3200
Total of Likes for Images Tagged= 39,447
Total of Images Tagged = 168
@FMFOUNDERS Followers = 1300
Total of Likes = 5800
Total of comments = 240


September 2016, 11 Toronto artist and creative entrepreneurs experienced a Nike brand experience that was tailored to the specific industries of each individual. FoundMissing and Nike were able to introduce the Nike 16' A/W Tech Pack line to influential artist in a unique way.


Site 97, the tribute activation was designed to be represented as a private laboratory space conceptualized by Founders, Trevor Wheatley, Dilly, Nicole Charles and Dahae Song. 2017 represented the 10 year renaissance of the Air Max 97. A shoe that represented a futuristic silhouette inspired by the Japanese Silver Bullet Train.

The installation was revealed for three days for media purposes to understand and witness the early models of the Air Max 97 UL 17'. Trevor & Dilly controlled the art direction to give an industrial / metal work laboratory that acknowledge the Future Forward campaign. As you can see the 97 shoe is going through a machine and turning into a 2017 Air Max 97 model. Dahae and Nicole's work represented the accents and movements the shoe portrayed.


The Founders is a collision of the spirit of athleticism with leaders who are fuelling the creative culture and discourse in Toronto. Coming from diverse backgrounds, FoundMissing assembled this group to break boundaries and spark a new tonality in their craft. Over the past year, the crew experienced how a competitive, collaborative spirit can inspire their work.

This short documentary delves into the Founders’ backgrounds, processes, obstacles and advice via Chapters: Colour, Sound, Design, Visuals, and Balance — each of which are inspired by a different discipline.

On November 14th 2017, FoundMissing hosted a public screening for The Founders documentary sponsored by Ace Hill Beer, Hennessy, and Nike. With an attendance of over 200 people, the 35 minute documentary allowed for patrons to leave with a sense of inspiration to pursue their craft with more energy. Click here for the trailers.


Creating the branding and identity for The FoundMissing Founders movement derived from the original FoundMissing double X shoelace glyph. Through a variation of sketches, we decided to choose an icon that is light which responds great with the Nike swoosh. The closer we can keep the branding closer to FoundMissing's branding- the better.

Limited Edition FoundMissing Founders x Nike Dri-Fit T-Shirt/

Branding & Identity designed by James Lee of FoundMissing.


An early introduction to the works and focus around FoundMissing that was primarily around Footwear. FoundMissing's early objective was to change the way we discover footwear online with a designated platform to benefit it's end users with AI. Today the company has shifted towards a content creation approach for lifestyle brands - including footwear as being the stem of our company. 

Shot by David Condotta Music / Mixed by Mattlaw Music / Produced by shedagod / Executive Producer by David Bremang


As Toronto’s local music scene swells and soars, there are enduring obstacles that women face in pursuit of their dreams. Too often, the prominence of male gatekeepers and the imbalance of opportunities make the stakes higher for women artists vying to be heard.

In response to this, A Capella is FoundMissing’s latest collaboration with Air Jordan and Post Office Sound.

Through A Capella, Toronto natives and newcomers embodied the Jordan ethos of radical authenticity and originality as they performed an original song without accompaniments or autotune.

By stripping away the auxiliary elements, four Toronto vocalists, Ren, Kennedy Rd, Faiza and Danelle Sandoval, were each able to showcase their raw skills and give glimpses to their truest selves. The set was minimal, the makeup was understated and outfits were head-to-toe Jordan, with the focus completely resting on the artist’s voice, lyrics and message.

By the end of the day-long recording session, which was hosted by Post Office Sound, styled by Jordan Brand and powered by FoundMissing, all were invigorated that we were approaching a industry frontier, where nothing can be eclipsed by talent.

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